Syntor Fine Chemicals

Syntor Fine Chemicals Ltd specialises in the development and supply of Fine Chemicals, Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals to a range of sectors including the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Aroma, Polymer, and Electronic industries.

Syntor can provide cost effective outsourcing solutions. We maintain inventories of our products in the UK enabling us to offer short lead times for delivery.


Syntor Fine Chemicals offer a range of Custom Manufacturing and Toll Manufacturing options utilising our commercial production facilities in India and China. Syntor can develop routes of manufacture to provide cost effective synthesis, or adapt/assess customers existing processes. Whether it is an early stage project, or an established process for outsourcing, Syntor can provide flexible solutions to meet demand and quality requirements.



Syntor Fine Chemicals Ltd produces a range of Fine Chemicals and Intermediates for supply worldwide. The majority of our products are stocked and approved in the UK for distribution. Our product range includes Chloroalkylamine salts, Acid Chlorides, Friedel Crafts derivatives and Cyclopropyl derivatives. Products are supplied for a range of applications.


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