What are Acid chlorides?


Syntor are the UK leading manufacturer producing fine chemicals such as Acid chlorides for distribution across the globe. We offer fine chemicals covering four main product groups listed below;


  • Chloroalkylamines
  • Acid chlorides
  • Friedel Crafts derivatives
  • Cyclopropyl derivatives


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Here we are talking about Acid Chlorides and what this group of fine chemicals is and the benefits they bring to everyday life.

Acid Chloride is classed as a fine chemical as it is made from organic compounds. Acid Chloride is renowned for having lower boiling points and melting points compared to other fine chemicals. Handling Acid Chlorides should be done with caution as they are so reactive and can be extremely irritating especially to the eyes.


Acid Chlorides are an example of acid derivative. Examples of acid chlorides are Ethanoic acid, Propanoic acid and Butonic acid.


Ethanoic acid is a colourless liquid form of acid chlorides. This organic compound is the main component that makes up vinegar, when combined with water and a few other ingredients household vinegar is produced. The other uses for this when combined with other fine chemicals include being utilised in the production of photographic film, wood glue, descaling products for household cleaning and as a food additive.

acid chlorides.

Propanoic acid is another form of acid chlorides. This is also a colourless, clear liquid with an extremely unpleasant smell. Many people liken the smell of Propanoic acid to body odour. This chemical is a fatty acid and can be separated from water by using salt. Propanoic acid is used often as a preservative within both human food and animal foods.

Propanoic acid is often used with other chemicals to product Polymers which are found in many pesticides and pharmaceuticals.


The final example of this acid are Butonic Acids. Butonic acids are found in milk, higher amounts are found in goats milk, sheeps milk, buffalo milk, butter and parmesan cheese. It has an unpleasant smell and acidic taste. It is a fatty acid that is soluble in water. It is often used as a food additive and also in its purer form as fishing bait.


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