Here we can explain what Agrochemicals is and what its for


Here we are looking at Agrochemicals and explaining what Agrochemical are and what they are used for.


So What Are Agrochemicals? – These are chemicals that are used within the agricultural and farming industries. There are many types of agrochemicals including Pesticides, Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, hormones, growth agents and fertilisers.


Most of the Agrochemicals listed are toxic and should be handled with care and by professionals. When handling or storing Agrochemicals it is important that they are handled according to government legislation. Anyone wishing to store or use certain Agrochemicals need to hold a permit which allows the purchase and storage of these. If the chemicals are stored on a farm, then they must be stored correctly, labelled and emergency policies in place in order to clean any accidents or spillages.

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Types of Agrochemicals –

  • Fertilisers – These are chemicals that farmers add to help plants and crops to encourage growth and allow the crops to flourish. The fertilisers can be either synthetic where they are manufactured or organic which are made from living materials including manure and recycled waste. Fertilisers usually contain potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.


  • Liming and acidifying – When planting crops soil can sometimes be too acidic or to alkaline to allow the crops to flourish and grow. When planting the crops need to have the correct nutrients. Acidic soil can be caused from acid rain and from using acidic fertilisers. You can neutralise the soil by adding the liming agrochemicals including calcium and limestone powder. If the soil is to alkaline and acidic formula chemical can be added.


  • Soil conditioner – These conditioners are added to the soil to help the soil hold onto the water and oxygen which helps the soil to be the perfect environment for growth. There are numerous soil conditioners that can be used including livestock manure, peat, compost and sewage sludge. The most common form of soil conditioner is compost.


  • Pesticides – Pesticide Agrochemicals are used to ensure that pests do not damage crops or add disease to crops. There are different types of pesticides used for certain pests, herbicides are able to be used to kills weeds. Fungicides are able to be used to stop fungal disease killing the crops and insecticides can be used to kill insects including snails, slugs, rodents and birds.


  • Animal Husbandry – These Agrochemicals are given directly to the animals on the farm either included in the feed or by injection these allow the control of parasites when animals are kept in large groups. Sometimes hormones are usually given to animals to increase their growth.


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