Many chemical engineers develop the fast moving consumer goods market in various ways by developing everyday chemical products that people use in their daily routine. Often not realised, the products that people use on a daily basis actually go through a rigorous process in order to be fit for human use. Chemical products can be found in a lot of your everyday supplies such as toothpaste, hair gel and even toilet paper!

Hair products contain various polymers that help keep your hair in place throughout a long day. The more chemical products added, the stronger the hair product is, therefore, this is why some hair products can cost so much as so chemical engineering has gone into this one product!

Toothpaste, another everyday product that contains lots of chemical products! Toothpaste is engineered with chemical products to keep teeth healthy, clean and even some whiten! The same goes with toothpaste as it does hair product, the more chemical engineering the more it costs. This is why toothpaste brands such as Colgate and Sensodyne cost more than supermarket own brands, as more chemical products have gone into them which obviously delivers a better all-around clean for your teeth!

Toilet paper is another everyday product that goes through some intense chemical products. If the paper is made straight from wood then chemical products are required to break down the wood into usable fibres for the toilet paper. The same process is required if coming from recycled materials however this will be a case of making sure the old materials are properly recycled which requires chemical products!

As you can see chemical products are used in near enough everything that you use on a day to day basis! It makes you wonder, how could we live without these chemical products in our lives! It’s amazing how much processing goes into these everyday products just so that you can stay hygienic in terms of products such as soap and shampoos and also for grooming purposes such as shaving gels and hairsprays!

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