The Fine Chemicals Future in the UK

Fine chemicals future in the UK are used in many aspects of commercial production – they are ever present in our lives without us knowing. They are pure and complex, and can only be produced in very small quantities by plants. They are used to produce biocides, active pharmaceutical ingredients found in drugs and medicines, and in various processes like making ceramics, glass and plastics. They are extremely useful for many different areas, but can be difficult and costly to manufacture. Despite this, there is ongoing research taking place into different ways to make and use fine chemicals in the UK.

There has always been debate surrounding the best climate in which to produce fine chemicals future. Due to their rarity and production difficulties, many believe that, at the moment, Europe and the USA provide the best means to produce these fine chemicals, especially when compared to Asian countries. This is because raw materials costs are often higher in Asia, and energy supplies are often unstable and unpredictable. There is also a higher degree of economic stability in countries like the UK and USA, and so high costs of production can be handled better.

Are these facts actually true?

Even though these facts are true now, many believe that the production of fine chemicals will largely shift towards Asia in the coming years, meaning that fine chemicals future in the UK will be more outsourced than local. Judging by the past few years, in which a number of fine chemical units were sold or shifted to Asia, it is predicted that Asia will become a more prominent producer of fine chemicals. Another advantage of producing chemicals in Asia is lower labour costs – salaries in Asia tend to be very low.

Despite the fact that fine chemicals in the UK and USA seem to be more well known by production rates than anywhere else, China has seen some increase in the production of fine chemicals in recent years. The domestic pharmaceuticals industry is growing rapidly, which is increasing the demand for active pharmaceutical ingredients created with fine chemicals. If this increase continues, then it is predicted that China will become one of the largest producers of fine chemicals future in the world.

The Chinese government have also published a five-year plan, in which a boost for fine chemicals is supported. The plan foresees China’s fine chemical production to increase rapidly in the next few years. Again, this will affect fine chemicals in the UK, as if China surpasses the UK as a producer of fine chemicals, the UK will have to consider importing fine chemicals if the demand for them increases.

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