Why are fine chemicals important?


What are they?

Fine chemicals are chemical substances prepared to a very high degree of purity. They can be used in research and industry. The extraction of raw materials from plants is done in numerous steps. Firstly the plant is crushed in order to break open the plant material. It is then boiled and dissolved in a suitable solvent. Finally, chromatography takes place in order to separate the different chemicals in the plant. Aside from plant extraction, fine chemicals can also be extracted synthetically. Visit our other blog ‘Syntor Fine Chemicals – What are Fine Chemicals?’ for further information on fine chemicals.


Uses of fine chemicals


Pharmaceutical drugs

Pharmaceutical drugs are used to diagnose, cure and treat illnesses. They are also used to prevent diseases. One of the reasons why fine chemicals are important is the role that they play in the production of pharmaceutical drugs. For example, Hydrogen is a raw material which is commonly used in pharmaceuticals.



Fine chemicals such as acid chlorides are also important in the food industry because they can be used as preservatives in human and animal foods. An example of an acid chloride which is used in preservatives is Propanoic acid, which is a clear liquid notable for its unpleasant smell. Food products such as vinegar also contain acid chlorides in the ingredients. Ethanoic acid is a liquid form of acid chlorides and is the main component that makes up vinegar. Butaonic acids are found in some dairy products such as butter and milk.



Agrochemicals are used specifically to enhance agricultural benefits by protecting crops from pests and increasing crop yields. For example, fine chemicals are used in pesticides which make them very important for the agricultural industry.


The future of fine chemicals

Due to the lower labour costs in Asia compared to Europe, there is going to be an increasing shift towards chemicals being outsourced to Asia. The demand for pharmaceutical drugs, food products and agrochemicals will continue therefore so will the production of fine chemicals. Fine chemicals are also important because they are used in every-day products such as photographic film, wood glue and household cleaning products. If you would like to find out any further information about fine chemicals, or what role we play in the production of fine chemicals, then contact us via our website.