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Chemicals are used for a wide range of applications. For instance, they’re used to manufacture detergents and pharmaceutical drugs. While there are numerous chemical distributors around the world, there are only a handful you can trust. Syntor Fine Chemicals is one of the most revered manufacturer of pharmaceutical chemicals in the world. Here, we work around the clock to offer you the most potent chemicals and intermediaries for a wide variety of uses. Since we’re one of the best fine chemicals manufacturer in town, we maintain the highest levels of excellence for all our exquisite products and services.

About our high quality chemicals

When our customers talk about the most renowned fine chemicals manufacturer, Syntor immediately comes to mind. At Syntor, we ensure that chemicals are produced within the best conditions. The ingredients have to be mixed with the appropriate ratios, and the production temperatures have to be just right. The reason why we’ve managed to remain ahead of the pack is our outstanding reliability and quality of service. Our main aim is to supply the best chemicals for our wide customer base. Therefore, next time you’re searching for the ideal fine chemicals manufacturer to offer you exquisite pharmaceutical chemicals, come to Syntor.


Our Experience

Syntor Fine chemicals has been manufacturing fine chemicals and intermediaries for many years now. We therefore have a wealth of experience when it comes to producing acid chlorides, Chloroalkylamine salts, Cyclopropyl and Friedel Crafts Derivatives. We stock most of our products in the UK. These products are also approved here for distribution. In addition, Syntor offers toll manufacturing and custom manufacturing options. These utilize our advanced commercial production facilities in China and India. A fine chemicals manufacturer is expected to offer unique products and services to customers. This is exactly what we do at Syntor.


Although most chemical distributors promise to offer the most outstanding chemicals at low prices, it’s hard to believe any single one. However, Syntor has proved to be the most reliable fine chemicals manufacturer in Europe. All chemicals produced here derive a myriad of applications. For instance, Acryloyl Chloride whose CAS number is 814-68-6 is used in the pharmaceutical industry. We also manufacture 2-Methoxyphenothiazine. Its CAS number is 1771-18-2. Tyramine Hydrochloride, on the other hand, has a CAS number of 60-19-5. With such a large selection of chemicals to choose from, you’re guaranteed of getting the exact chemical you require.

Being the best fine chemicals manufacturer means offering bespoke services that other chemical distributors fail to offer. For instance, if you desire to outsource production of our intermediaries, you can choose to work with us on a contract basis. Once you jump ship with us, we will provide you the exact fine chemicals you want, even those that aren’t featured in our very product list. To discuss about any specific outsourcing project you may have in mind, email us via Our devoted staff will be at your every beck and call.


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