Mastering the art of custom toll manufacturing

Syntor Fine Chemicals offers a versatile toll manufacturing service. Custom toll manufacturing is a heavily involved process looking into the manufacture of chemical products with special needs.

These products created via toll manufacturing are used in a variety of different products around the world for a number of different reasons. Some of the reasons companies’ want customer toll manufacturing are because it’s an on-demand service, it’s cost effective and it’s a huge time saver.


Types of toll manufacturing

There are two types of manufacturing in chemicals, custom toll manufacturing and contract manufacturing. These two types of manufacture are similar in nature in how they live in the supply chain, even so, they can often be mistaken or confused for each other.


Toll manufacturing

Whilst both of these types of manufacturing have similar characteristics, toll manufacturing has the main advantage in being able to provide customers with valuable ways to save both time and also money on a product line development and production of the product.


Contract manufacturing

In many ways, both toll and contract manufacturing are similar to streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify and Tidal. They allow Sierra Coating to provide laminating or coating services on demand and as needed, as part of a “sharing economy” model that is beneficial for both the customer and the manufacturer.

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