Syntor Fine Chemicals specialises in the development of a range of sectors for fine and speciality chemicals. Syntor provides the most cost-effective solutions and offers short delivery times for all orders.

Fine Chemical Products

Syntor has a range of Pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals and Fine Chemical products. Fine chemicals are small-batch, high-value products that are useful because of their molecular properties. In the development of modern pharmaceuticals fine chemicals began to develop and since then the pharmaceuticals industry has grown rapidly. Tyramine Hydrochloride is the main chemical offered by Syntor. Tyramine is contained in many types of aged, fermented, or smoked meat. It is a naturally occurring trace amine, it acts as a catecholamine releasing agent. Methoxy phenothiazine is another major chemical offered which is an organic compound. Boron Trichloride is one of the organo-metallic compounds for uses requiring non-aqueous solubility.

Why are fine chemicals important?

Fine chemicals are substances prepared to a very high degree of purity and are often used in research and industry. The extraction of the chemicals comes straight from the plant and involves a complex process with multiple stages.

Uses of fine chemicals

Pharmaceutical drugs are used to prevent diseases and cure illnesses. Fine chemicals can be used in pharmaceutical drugs such as Hydrogen. Fine chemicals are also important in the food industry and can be used to preserve food. Many food products contain fine chemicals in their ingredients such as vinegar, butter etc. Agrochemicals are also used to protect crops from pests and help to increase crop yields. Fine chemicals are used in the pesticides on the farms to encourage growth and deter pests.

Future of fine chemicals

The outsourcing of fine chemicals is on the rise as the demand for pharmaceutical drugs, food products and agrochemicals grows high. Fine chemicals are extremely important due to their use in everyday products such as household cleaning products. The demand for fine chemicals will only increase as the modern pharmaceutical industry and food industry grows.