Ethyl Chlorooxoacetate

CAS NO: 4755-77-5

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Parameter Value
Appearance Clear colourless to yellow liquid
Assay 99.0% minimum
CAS Number 4755-77-5
Synonyms Ethoxalyl chloride, Ethyl chlorooxalate, Ethyloxalyl chloride, Chlorooxoacetic acid ethyl ester

Syntor Fine Chemicals Ltd specialises in the development and supply of fine chemicals to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Aroma, Polymer and Electronic industries. Ethyl Chlorooxoacetate (CAS No: 4755-77-5) is an example of a Syntor developed product. This product is utilised in a range of applications. The majority of products are stocked in the UK for worldwide distribution.


CAS NO: 19444-21-4


Parameter Value
Appearance Colourless to orange liquid
Assay 97.0% minimum
CAS Number 19444-21-4
Synonyms 2-Propenyl 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanoate, Allyl 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionate
Water content 0.1% maximum