Pharmaceutical chemicals offered by Syntor Fine Chemicals

We all use pharmaceutical chemicals in one way or another. For instance, they are contained in the detergents we use and the medicine we take. It’s therefore important to identify a reliable supplier of quality chemicals to use in the making of such products. With numerous suppliers promising to offer unmatched services, however in such important situations it’s important to ensure the company that you use is recommended and trusted as one of the best so look no further than Syntor Fine Chemicals. Here we have the most advanced equipment and machinery to ensure that you get the best quality chemicals for your agricultural or pharmaceutical use. You are sure to be delighted by our unparalleled services.


About our pharmaceutical chemicals

Whether you require fine chemicals, agrochemicals or pharmaceutical intermediates, Syntor can provide what you are looking for. We manufacture all our products within top of the range laboratories that are up to standard. We also ensure that high hygiene standards are maintained in full. Excellent pharmaceutical chemicals can only be made in the right set of regulated conditions. For instance, ingredients have to be put in their precise amounts along with levels of temperature and humidity also have to be accurate. Most firms try to speed up the process, producing substandard chemicals in the process. However, our in-house chemists ensure that all the right manufacturing conditions are met.

Purchasing our top-grade pharmaceutical chemicals allows you to have extremely potent products at your disposal. One of our main objectives is to leave a positive impact in our client’s lives. We strive to do this by offering the most outstanding pharmaceutical chemicals in existence. Being so experienced in this industry, we’ve earned excellent reputation among many customers. We’ve therefore maintained a high level of excellence in the way we offer our services. Therefore, the next time you’re looking for a dependable supplier to provide you incredible pharmaceutical chemicals, contact Syntor Fine Chemicals and we are sure to be able to help.

Each of our chemicals has a CAS number that is used for identification purposes. If you want to purchase a particular chemical, enter its specific CAS number on the search function located within our site. For instance, you can get Methacryloyl Chloride by searching its CAS number, 920-46-7. We also have Bis(2-Chliriethyl) Amine HCL which has a CAS number of 821-48-7. We have a vast assortment of pharmaceutical chemicals at our stores. In addition, we package and distribute our products to different parts of the globe. Our regional dealers assist us to market and distribute our remarkable chemicals in different countries.

In addition to offering quality pharmaceutical chemicals to our wide customer base, we also offer superb intermediate products on a remarkable contract basis. This deal is for those clients seeking to outsource production. This partnership involves delivering distinct products and chemicals which might not be included in our official product list. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.