What are Toll Manufacturing Services in the UK?

Here at Syntor, we are looking to increase our Toll Manufacturing services for fine chemicals. Here we take a look at what toll manufacturing services are in relation to the fine chemical industry and its benefits.

Chemical toll manufacturing services is where one company provide the raw materials, in our case, fine chemicals to a third party. The third party will then use the fine chemicals in further production. In typical circumstances, the third party that the fine chemicals are supplied to usually have agreements and supply models in place.

When supplying toll manufacturing services, Syntor are able to provide the customers with agreements in which we will provide them with the fine chemicals on a sole agreement. Syntor have the expertise and equipment to produce fine chemicals and will charge a toll to the third party company that we provide the chemicals to. Our services help us to establish long term relationships with our clients and we can help to ensure that the end products that are produced, are done so using the best in fine chemicals.

What are the benefits of toll manufacturing?

There any many benefits of chemical toll manufacturing services through Syntor. Once of which is that there is no investment needed for the raw produce from the customer. We have already put the investment into the fine chemical production, so this cost is emitted from the customer. The costs of the agreement are also predetermined which means that you will not have any surprising bills sprung upon you when you enter an agreement with us.

The services we provide ensure that you have:

  • An expert and multi-functional team that are able to support the project throughout;
  • Fast response rate from initial agreement through to the process stage;
  • Information is exchanged with customers openly and transparently;
  • The focus is on a quality product and reliable supply;
  • Confidentiality throughout the process;
  • Full commitment to upholding health, safety and environmental standards;
  • Ability to become an extension of a customer’s own production facility and integrity throughout;

The main aim of our toll manufacturing services is to become the outsourced manufacturer of choice for our customers. We are able to do this by ensuring high quality specifications are met and maintained at all times. The fine chemical products that we provide can be distributed not only throughout the UK from our COMAH registered site, but also worldwide.

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